Tips on How to Speak in an Extemporaneous Speaking Contest


First of all, I’m gonna be joining my first extemporaneous speaking contest tomorrow and I don’t have that much vocabulary in me and I’m kind of panicking right now , then I thought that it would be a good practice for my English if I do this post.

Here it goes…

These are the steps that I had in mind to make your speech amazing:

1.) Preparation is the key. Before the contest be sure to be updated with current events and analyze the theme of the contest you’ll be joining. Read books for additional info and be sure to sleep early before the contest because lack of sleep can lead to stress and a horrible performance the next day. Trust me…you don’t want to end up performing with a large eye bag.

2.) Don’t hesitate. During the speech don’t worry about going blank when you speak. Just keep on going and speak what is in your mind. The most important is you do not mispronounce the words you will be speaking of for they cost valuable points in judging.

3.) Flirt with the audience. Get the audience pumped up during your speech. This can be done by telling jokes or an example that everyone can relate to.

4.) Be confident. Judges will usually give more points to those people who expresses more confidence. If you suffer from stage fright here are some tips to overcome it.

*If you are shaking, try moving back and forth as if you are dancing but just a little bit. You don’t want to end up performing a dance routine.

*Look to the audience. If you are afraid of there eyes try staring at there forehead or neck, trust me…it really works.

*Usually the best tip I can give into overcoming stage fright is to always think positive. If you act positive you can give a very liable speech.

5.) Try not to use slang words. Use words that are appropriate for your speech.

6.) Speak your heart out. Judges will give high remarks if you’ll tell a story that will inspire them.

I don’t think that this is the best advice in the world but a few of these tips can surely guide you in your speech.


Define Weird…


Hello fellow people……

I’m weird, that is technically referring to a thing or a person that possess peculiar behaviors, whether it’s psychotic or from the supernatural world.

I just want all of you to know that being weird is not bad but it’s somewhat special.


Just stay true to yourself and you’ll be fine.